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We've Gone To The Dogs

Dog Daycare and Boarding

Daycare & Boarding

            Let's face it, a lot of us hate leaving our dogs alone during the day. Since we usually can't take them to work, the movies, restaurants, or vacations, they stay home by themselves for hours on end. They'll end up bored, lonely, frustrated, and anxious, but what's a concerned pet owner suppose to do?

Enter We've Gone to the Dogs.

             Don't feel guilty about leaving your pup home alone ever again! Let them have as much fun as you're having - worry free!

             We provide constant supervision and great enrichment in playgroups large and small and every size in between! It doesn't matter if you're dog is a couch-potato to a ball-chasing maniac or a shy wallflower to the life of the party, we cater to all activity levels with prowess. And for those with separation anxiety from their best human pals, we take extra loving care to ensure we help these fluff balls get into the right group for them.

Check list for your first day at daycare:

  • Completed copy of the Dog personality profile filled out and release agreement signed
  • Documentation of up to date vaccinations (you can either email them, upload them via our customer portal, or bring in the paper copies prior to your first visit.)
Once you've schedule your evaluation please note that Drop off times is between 7AM to 9AM and Pick up times are between 3PM to 7PM

    ** PLEASE NOTE ** 

ALL dogs that wish to come to daycare are required to come in for an evaluation. We hold evaluations Monday through Friday with a flat rate cost of $25.00 per dog.

Required Vaccinations:

We require RabiesDHLPP(Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parainfluenza, and Parvo) Bordetella and Canine Influenza vaccines for all dogs.

Since this is a mostly outdoor facility we also HIGHLY recommend getting the Lyme vaccine as well.

Daycare is Monday through Friday only 

What to bring for overnight boarding:

Collar and leash. Please make sure you dog's comes with their collar on their neck. Mesh and rubber collars are highly recommended.

Enough food and medication (if needed) to last the duration of your dogs stay. We feed Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin and Sensitive Stomach. Most dogs transition to this well but if you wish to bring your own food, you are welcome to do so. Please portion each meal in a sealed container or baggie that is labeled with your dog's name on it.

What NOT to bring:

  • Toys - Dogs can be possessive of their personal toys and we have more than enough to go around.
  • Beds/bedding - We provide blankets and beds. We cannot guarantee that yours will come back in one piece if you leave it here.
  • Crates
  • Bowls

Drop off times for Daycare and Boarding:

Monday through Friday 7AM to 9AM 

Saturday and Sunday 9AM to 10AM

(Boarding Only)

Pick up times for Daycare and Boarding:

Monday through Friday 3PM to 7PM

Saturday and Sunday 1PM to 5PM

(Boarding Only)

Other great services that we offer:

  • Nail Clipping - $15.00
  • Nail Grinding - $20.00
  • Requested Bath - $25.00

All boarders receive a bath free of charge before going home! Our daycare pals receive a more rudimentary bath (if needed) at the end of the day. 


We are now accepting full grooming appointments. Please call for more information and scheduling. 

*Appointment times and prices may vary.

Flea & tick preventatives are highly recommended but not required. If your pet is found to have fleas, they will be sent home

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We've Gone To The Dogs


1219 Old Taneytown Road

Westminster, MD 21158

[email protected]